LET’S GO DODGERS: winning the World Series and what it does for the marketing team

On October 27th, 2020, the Dodgers made history with a victory that ended a 32-year long string of defeats, bringing new hope to Los Angeles County. Despite facing the adverse challenges that have come along with 2020, the team completed the momentous task of finishing the world series, trophy in hand. Over the years, the Dodger’s popularity has spread internationally and the team’s merchandise sales have begun spreading beyond national borders. By ending the “draught,” as their losing steak was called by many fans, the Dodgers are predicted to gain new fans outside of the United States, ultimately leading to an increase in Dodger merchandise sales. 

This year, Los Angeles County now holds two major championships for the NBA and the MLB. The outlook on the city’s economy due to these victories is looking bright as the chances for revenue increases on popular merchandise and ticket sales. The demand for Lakers and Dodgers merchandise for both new and old fans has allowed for the Dodgers to be seen in a new, more positive light. After gaining the reputation of being the “team that could never finish a championship” they left many fans disheartened. Now that they have overcome that reputation, there is a large consumer base for Dodgers merchandise that can be marketed as a franchise for a winning team.

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