Volkswagen Still OK Even After Huge Settlement Approved

After burning both their customers and the environment in the carbon emissions scandal, a federal court has agreed that $15 billion was the right number to reimburse all of the owners that qualified for the settlement. In September, the customers were given the choice to either have Volkswagen buy the car back or have them fix the computer that was cheating the tests that determined how much emissions were being put into the environment during the tests. According to the Associated Press, that choice is expected to go through in the next month or so. All of the money won’t go Continue reading Volkswagen Still OK Even After Huge Settlement Approved

Minor League Baseball Players are being Neglected

When hundreds of people in a “business” are making below the federal poverty line, then you would think that business would be doing quite poorly. Think again. Major League Baseball (MLB), which has heard the narrative that it is dying due to lack of interest from the younger demographic and the idea that is somewhat of a boring sport, is doing quite well at the moment. According to the Washington Post (WP) article linked first, “baseball has in recent years parlayed renewed popularity into record earnings, leveraging apparel and media demands into $9.5 billion in revenue last year; its 30 franchises averaged $23 Continue reading Minor League Baseball Players are being Neglected

In the NFL, Revenue Trumps All

In the National Football League, it’s not the safety of the players that comes first. Or the domestic violence and sexual assault problems that have increased across the past decade. Maybe it would be supporting social issues that go across sports boundaries? Nope. What Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the NFL, cares the most about is the revenue that the league brings in. It’s about constantly growing and promoting the brand. You’d think that the owners in the NFL would step in at some point as the supervisors of Goodell to make sure all of the issues in the first paragraph Continue reading In the NFL, Revenue Trumps All

The Salary Cap in Sports: Part 2 (Basketball)

In our first post about the salary cap in sports, we learned about how unlimited the baseball cap was while higher revenue teams reap the benefits. In the second part of the three part series, we will be looking at the growing NBA salary cap as it looks to make a big leap in the next couple of years, increasing the player’s benefits. The salary cap has slowly been moving up over the past three years, from nearly $59 million in the 2013-2014 season up to $70 million flat for the 2015-2016 season. For the five seasons before that, it Continue reading The Salary Cap in Sports: Part 2 (Basketball)