Where is the Craft Beer Market Headed?

The craft beer market has been heavily influenced by a change in preference for these less recognized beers. There has been a significant increase in demand for craft beer in general in the past five ten years. Independent and small beer producers accounted for 24.5 million barrels two years ago.  This production was a 13 percent rise in volume and led to a 16 percent increase in retail dollar value. Then in 2016, the sales of craft beer increased by 6.2% and saw a 10% dollar sales growth. After examining these statistics, it is evident that this market has seen Continue reading Where is the Craft Beer Market Headed?

A Perfectly “Hip” Competitive Market

Hipster. There is a lot of requirements for a person to be able to be associated with this word. Vintage clothing, vinyl records, interest in independent and underground bands. And craft beer. Many different industries have been impacted positively by this new movement, especially microbreweries residing in the beer universe. A microbrewery or craft brewer has been defined by the Brewers Association as being “those that produce fewer than six million barrels a year and are less than 25 percent owned by a large beverage maker.” The demand for these craft beers has been rising in the last few years Continue reading A Perfectly “Hip” Competitive Market