Where is the Craft Beer Market Headed?

The craft beer market has been heavily influenced by a change in preference for these less recognized beers. There has been a significant increase in demand for craft beer in general in the past five ten years. Independent and small beer producers accounted for 24.5 million barrels two years ago.  This production was a 13 percent rise in volume and led to a 16 percent increase in retail dollar value. Then in 2016, the sales of craft beer increased by 6.2% and saw a 10% dollar sales growth. After examining these statistics, it is evident that this market has seen Continue reading Where is the Craft Beer Market Headed?

Impacts of Wells Fargo Scandal

Yesterday, news came out that Wells Fargo Bank would have to pay $185 million in fines in addition to the $5 million they had to pay to their customers for accounts that were set up without their approval. Essentially, customers were being charged fees for accounts they had not set up on their own. Patrick Rucker and Dan Freed from the Huffington Post note that, “In a complaint filed in May 2015, California prosecutors alleged that Wells Fargo pushed customers into costly financial products that they did not need or even request.” $100 million of the fines went to the Consumer Continue reading Impacts of Wells Fargo Scandal

The European Pension Problem and what the U.S. should Learn from It

[This post was written for Sound Economics by Geremia Lizier-Zmudzinski] The 20th century saw a rise in global prosperity as medical and economic advancements contributed to vast improvements in the life of the average person. However, they haven’t come without unintended consequences – one of which is now very obvious in Europe. Thanks to rapid progress in medicine and health care, life expectancy across European countries has risen from 69 to 80 since the 1960’s. Meanwhile, as industrialization, global trade, and technological improvements, to name just a few factors, have improved the quality of everyday life, people are less inclined Continue reading The European Pension Problem and what the U.S. should Learn from It