Take Craft Back: Beer Idealism or Crafty Marketing?

If you are connected with the world of beer, brewing, or hops, you may have heard of the campaign “Take Craft Back,” a campaign organized by the Brewer’s Association, a trade group of brewers focused on craft and home brewing, to buy out Anheuser-Busch InBev (ABI). ABI is a Belgian-Brazilian-American brewing conglomerate which controls 70% of the US beer market alongside Molson Coors. ABI is currently valued at $213 billion, which is the alleged goal of the Take Craft Back campaign, which they describe as the world’s largest crowdfunding effort. On their website, they estimate it would take $653.57 from everyone in Continue reading Take Craft Back: Beer Idealism or Crafty Marketing?

Hops and Craft Beer: Are We in a Bubble?

Depending on your beer knowledge, you may be wondering, what are hops? Hops are one of the three main ingredients for beer, along with barley and water. In the United States, they are primarily grown in Oregon, Idaho, and Washington. My family actually grows hops, among other things, and I decided to write this post after my mom mentioned an article she read. (Thanks Mom) The article covered some troubling trends in the hops market, most likely stemming from a boom in craft breweries over the last 5 years. In fact, we have seen about a 116% increase in the total Continue reading Hops and Craft Beer: Are We in a Bubble?

Snobby Beer

Aside from the actual game itself, this past super-bowl weekend carried with it an interesting development in a non-football related field that is quite close to my heart: beer. Budweiser aired this commercial during the game, to the annoyance of people who apparently like to spend lots of money on beer they don’t drink. Ninkasi, a northwest brewery located in Eugene, immediately shot back with a quite hilarious response video. The point is that for many years now, craft brewers and the big macro brewers like Budweiser and Coors have been increasingly competing for the same market share. While I can Continue reading Snobby Beer

Thesis Corner: All About the Craft Beer Industry

In the past, I’ve written Thesis Corners on the biological importance of water and coffee’s link to national health, but today’s blog will focus on the industry changes happening to another beverage: beer. From a brewer’s standpoint, the beer business is a precious trade that stimulates one’s business savvy, scientific know-how, and an artistic expression to some degree. This week I had an email exchange with senior Eric Hopfenbeck, who tackled the entire craft brewing industry for his thesis. Read on to understand what classifies a craft brew, how this beer category is capturing market share from the Goliath beer companies, and a potential Continue reading Thesis Corner: All About the Craft Beer Industry