Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods is Back.

For any fan of Golf, or greatness, this weekends Masters was an incredible experience. Unfortunately for the entire Washington D III Men and Women golf conference, we were too busy getting rained on at our fall classic to tune in. Hopefully we were the only ones that were disrespectful enough to miss what was Tiger Woods incredible victory at Augusta National, adding a 5th green jacket to his coveted wardrobe. His last Masters victory was in 2005, and he hasn’t played in the Masters since 2015. Some would call his triumph historic, and the others would be simply wrong. There Continue reading Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods is Back.

India’s Election; An information Failure

India is home to the largest democracy in the world. With over 900 million eligible voters, and 2100 political parties with conflicting beliefs both religious and political, the popular vote can come to some pretty unpredictable conclusions. The last election was in 2014, and nearly 70% of eligible voters participated, far more than the 58% that participates in the United States election, and even greater when compared to the midterms. These numbers suggest that while engaged in their politics, despite the intense diversity among political parties and citizens. If we think of India’s voters as consumers, and the political parties Continue reading India’s Election; An information Failure

China’s Plan to Groom the Next Cristiano Ronaldo

With China looking to capitalize on its national consumerism, Chinese investors are beginning to dump money into none other than the worlds greatest competition; football (not the american kind). Xi Jinping aims to raise the bar in terms of economic standards on the pitch saying that his dream for Chinese soccer is to make its teams “among the world’s best”. Here lies the barriers to that outcome. Of China’s 1.386 billion people, a majority live in cities, renowned for their extremely dense populations. For this reason, space to manufacture soccer fields and stadiums is not readily available in the areas Continue reading China’s Plan to Groom the Next Cristiano Ronaldo

Na Trioblóidí “The Troubles” that come with Brexit

With a little more than a month until the Brexit deadline, and without a British exit plan in place, the world has its eyes set on Britain, the European Union, and how this whole situation is going to play out come march 29th. Britain is historic for maintaining the largest banking sector in Europe, home to banks such as HSBC and Standard Chartered, which influence over 5 trillion pounds. Since Britain announced Brexit in 2014 nearly 1 trillion pounds have flowed from the banking headquarters in the UK to other countries in the EU for the purpose of spreading the Continue reading Na Trioblóidí “The Troubles” that come with Brexit

The Modern Day Terminator; Artificial Intelligence in the Labor Market

Despite public dispositions of terminator-esque results, and apocalyptic amounts of data accumulation, artificial intelligence is making big steps toward diminishing irrational decision making. Consumers and buyers have always approached decisions with diffidence and certain inefficiency. Think of the consumers and buyers decision as a language barrier. In the modern world the consumer communicates what they want through action. For example on freemium platforms such as spotify or matching markets like eBay, consumers listen to songs they like and buy items they want, these actions prompt recommendations, such as “artists recommended for you”, or “others also purchased”, which try to predict Continue reading The Modern Day Terminator; Artificial Intelligence in the Labor Market