Nuclear Futures Seem Dim

The Chinese city of Liangyungang seems to have a bright economic future ahead of it. As a vibrant city on the eastern coast of China with easy access to Taiwan and Korea Liangyungang is a rising center of industry, foreign trade, and tourism. The Chinese government recently released a statement to the residents of Liangyungang that they are planning on constructing a new nuclear power plant within city. Needless to say, after the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan the residents of Liangyungang are worried about their own futures. The need for this nuclear power plant is clear, as most of Continue reading Nuclear Futures Seem Dim

Free Money: Part 2

Free Money trial 2 We made this nice banner because I think my poorly drawn signs and our addition of “no joke, no questions” was a bit deterring. But I’ve gleamed an interesting observation from this: even when the sign (albeit drawn in color pencil and sharpie) specified no questions, people asked questions. Perhaps the two of us (senior blogger Nicky and I) didn’t seem intimidating to back up the “no questions” rule, I don’t think that’s true though. What is clear is that participants just want to know what the heck we’re up to. “Come on guys, somethings up.” Continue reading Free Money: Part 2

“The world has not turned on us, we have turned on her.”

“You’re living through a time when virtually half of humanity’s intellectual, social and spiritual legacy is being allowed to slip away. This does not have to happen. These peoples are not failed attempts at being modern — quaint and colorful and destined to fade away as if by natural law.” –Wade Davis; TED Talk The World Wide Web of Belief and Ritual (2008) Eight years and almost two presidential elections since Wade Davis’ TED talk was uploaded onto the internet, we have still only yet begun to understand and articulate the magnitude of our growing environmental catastrophe. We’ve begun to Continue reading “The world has not turned on us, we have turned on her.”

National Parks, Elephants, and Sustainability

National parks are often seen from a western perspective as cool and exotic tourist locations that can bring about a sense of interconnectedness between the urban mind and the natural world. Unfortunately national parks are also the hunting grounds for many profitable underground poaching businesses, and the high demand that the regulatory system around poaching constructs is only further detrimental to the wildlife. Earlier in September 2015, “Kenya’s then-President Daniel arap Moi ignited a pile of 12 tonnes of elephant tusks and helped change global policy on ivory exports. After that, the trade was banned under the Convention on International Trade Continue reading National Parks, Elephants, and Sustainability

Some Economists Think China’s Monetary Easing Policy is Hitting Home.

In response to China’s stock market crash in the third quarter of 2015 China began a monetary easing policy which consisted of “pumping funds into state lenders known as policy banks to finance government-backed programs.” The stock market crash marked the end of China’s good fortune, as well the end of the stream of foreign investment which funded much of their economies productivity. Weak demand for Chinese products, along with less foreign investment, both added to the case for more stimulus. (Surprisingly China’s unemployment rate has floated consistently at around 4%.) And now just a few months later in 2016 China’s reserves Continue reading Some Economists Think China’s Monetary Easing Policy is Hitting Home.

The X(?)Z Axis: Chapter 3

To what degree are the differences between men and women truly innate? To what degree are they culturally learned?–These are the questions that John A. List and Uri Gneezy have laid the foundation for in Chapter 2 of The Why Axis, but in Chapter 3 the two economists send a very clear message: “Don’t under estimate women. We may have socialized them into a society that suppresses their innate abilities, but they can over come that very easily. It is also profitable for companies and institutions to encourage women to be bold, competitive, influential leaders.” Perhaps we shouldn’t need List Continue reading The X(?)Z Axis: Chapter 3

The War on Drugs…in 1511

Abyssinian goat herders may have been the first people to use the coffee bean for it’s psychoactive properties. The goat herders were likely to have observed their goats eating  red berries off one particular tree, Cofea. After trying the berries themselves the goat herders experienced the psychoactive properties of the berries, and somewhere along the line they learned to roast the beans to make coffee. Now, caffeine is the world’s most widely consumed psychoactive substance. And though it has become the world’s leading choice of stimulant, what happened before it achieved it’s popular status? Why was coffee banned with such force? Continue reading The War on Drugs…in 1511

North Korea the Closed Economy (?)

The CIA world fact book reports that North Korea’s GDP in 2011, 2012, and 2013 was at $40 billion each of those years. The GDP composition is broken down in agriculture (22% of GDP), industry (47%), and services (31%) (2015 est), and only 5.9% of GDP provided by exports. However, the service sector, in which North Korea’s economy gains a third of it’s gross domestic product, largely consists of a tourist industry (ethical implication?). CNN can provide you even more information on How North Korea Makes Money. “This is a time machine. This is 1930’s Russia or this is 1950’s Continue reading North Korea the Closed Economy (?)

Stoned Moms: The Marijuana Industry’s Greatest Untapped Market

If you’ve seen this video of grandmothers getting high then you’re going to love this Granny who loves her weed too. Since the legalization of recreational weed use in Colorado in 2012 entrepreneurs and investment bankers have been looking for the next big push to get the legal marijuana industry profitable. Justin Hartfield is the creator of WeedMaps, a yelp for marijuana dispensaries that marries the marijuana and tech industries into a modern entrepreneurial dream. However the next untapped market that the medical and recreation marijuana industry needs are everyday people, you, me, and your mom too.   Contrary to popular belief, the majority of Continue reading Stoned Moms: The Marijuana Industry’s Greatest Untapped Market

Wizard World:

My ticket through the front gate is a bright yellow plastic bracelet, “hold your hands up high, so we can see your tickets,” the volunteers advise. I hardly lift my wrist as I pass through the crowd of costumed people, on my left is an endearingly cheerful young Pikachu, on my right is a Spiderman only slightly past his prime. Some would think, either absent minded-ly or based on stereotype or other, that the individuals who go to comic con conventions would be more of a strange and astonishing. Or some others would say, that they met a man selling Continue reading Wizard World: