Stoned Moms: The Marijuana Industry’s Greatest Untapped Market

If you’ve seen this video of grandmothers getting high then you’re going to love this Granny who loves her weed too. Since the legalization of recreational weed use in Colorado in 2012 entrepreneurs and investment bankers have been looking for the next big push to get the legal marijuana industry profitable. Justin Hartfield is the creator of WeedMaps, a yelp for marijuana dispensaries that marries the marijuana and tech industries into a modern entrepreneurial dream. However the next untapped market that the medical and recreation marijuana industry needs are everyday people, you, me, and your mom too.


Contrary to popular belief, the majority of the money that flows into the marijuana industry today comes from light users who smoke daily. Now, before watching the video I would like to advise the reader to enter this legal-pot industry with an open mind. There are huge regulatory challenges that the medical marijuana industry faces.

How do we make sure that users drive safely? Should we allow high moms to care for infant children? What are the unresearched effects of marijuana on brain chemistry in young children, especially child cancer patients?

Well, as of now we are trying to answer these questions. Due to the strict regulation of this schedule 1 substance (heroin is also under this category) parents and doctors have no other option but to test the benefits of marijuana use on children with cancer.

In San Francisco Dr. Donald Abrams, the man who named the AIDs virus, is currently doing research on the effects of marijuana on cancer cells and has found that unlike chemo therapy weed can shrink cancer without killing the body’s immune system. He’s been recommending daily cannabis treatment to patients for 32 years.

We need double blind clinical trials before we can say with any certainty that weed can kill cancer cells. In the second video Dr. Abrams acknowledges that cancer research can only move forward if we can do “carefully controlled clinical trials to see what the benefits are and what the risks are. And we don’t have that with cannabis oil at this point”. This is a critical moment in history for the exploration of marijuana as a medicine and as a recreational drug.

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  1. Perhaps marijuana as a pain reliever could help tackle prescription drug abuse and its respective overdose rates amongst moms in suburbs as well, depending on how the clinical trials go – and especially if marijuana has a higher overdose threshold than opioids.

  2. Complete believe this. At my dispensary I would say the largest customers I see on a daily basis are empty nest mothers. They are looking for a safe source from well trained staff.

    Also grandparents. This has been huge. They are quite often the most fun customers to take care of as well. You can literally see their head spin on the medical marijuana side. “What marijuana can be used to treat illnesses now?” They are often caught in the stigma with it being illegal. Can be quite fun talking to some of the older generations.

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