Hotel Price Adjustments and Ordering Guidelines

Summer vacation has just ended, and travel is always exciting. But it has to be said that when you arrive at a new destination, the most important thing is not to immediately start enjoying the local food and scenery. Accommodation is always a problem, especially the seasonal fluctuations in hotel prices. Why Adjust Hotel Prices? Same with air ticket price changes. We often book flights that later become cheaper, or conversely, failing to catch the cheapest airfares. It’s not just about charging more during the peak season or lowering prices during the off-season to attract guests. They make adjustments to Continue reading Hotel Price Adjustments and Ordering Guidelines

Will Voice Actors be Replaced by AI?

Sneezes, coughs, sudden noises. Even working in a professional recording studio, voice actors cannot avoid these problems. If the finished film contains any unwanted sounds, this dubbing work is equivalent to a waste of time. However, any environmental or human-generated noises will not affect the AI voice. With the heated discussions on ChatGPT, recent news about AI is flooding everywhere, doubts, panic, excitement, and expectations. No negative emotional expressions will stop the advancement of this technology. So, if one day, not only static words and paintings, but also AI can perfectly reflect the emotions that need to be expressed during Continue reading Will Voice Actors be Replaced by AI?

Personal Consumption, Do Valuation of the Music Itself.

Ryuichi Sakamoto, Oscar-Winning Composer, Dies at 71 I have never thought that the online piano playing recording stream of Mr. Ryuichi Sakamoto I watched at the end of 2022 would be the last farewell to this professor. I’m not a fan of Ryuichi Sakamoto. I know him, though not much. In fact, If it wasn’t for an almost fanatical recommendation from one my friend who studied music in Japan, I would not know that he is the creator of “Energy Flow” and “Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence“, which I looped frequently when I was junior high. Pandemic, unemployment, economic recession, every Continue reading Personal Consumption, Do Valuation of the Music Itself.

Quick Glance: Fed Rate Hike and SVB Collapse

The 2008 financial crisis caused Lehman Brothers, the fourth-largest investment bank in the United States, to declare bankruptcy. There was the largest bank failure since the Great Recession of 2008 and the second largest in the U.S. history on March 10, 2023. Silicon Valley Bank (SVB, the 16th largest bank), suddenly announced its bankruptcy, 48 hours after its assets could not repay its debts. Its collapse causes panic in the financial technology industry across the United States. According to SVB’s main service targets are technology start-ups in Silicon Valley, this moment is like the “Lehman moment of the technology industry”. Continue reading Quick Glance: Fed Rate Hike and SVB Collapse

Earphones: Wired or Wireless

This Monday, I had a debate with a friend about an interesting topic. Now it’s 2023, are you one of the wired earphone users or a Bluetooth headphone fan? The attracting point is that with the advancement of wireless headset technology, the convenience it brings to daily users is gradually occupying the sales market of wired earphones. But clearly, the two are still not perfect substitutes for each other. At least in 2022, we still have 10 unavoidable considerations of reasons for wired headphones, especially for avid music lovers and professionals who are seeking for sound quality. The simplest touch, Continue reading Earphones: Wired or Wireless

Is ChatGPT a milestone in AI technology?

At the end of last year, OpenAI, an AI laboratory invested by Microsoft, released a powerful AI language model ChatGPT, which can simulate human language behaviors and interact with users. However, Microsoft’s recently promoted new Bing combined with ChatGPT has fallen into arguing. In fact, ChatGPT replies that it understands multiple languages and code writing. Someone builds system diagrams using ChatGPT. It even writes different poems on the same subject. For each question, ChatGPT will provide different answers every time, not just one standardized answer. Its flexibility is indeed surprising. ChatGPT’s poems about Spring: ChatGPT can quickly become popular all Continue reading Is ChatGPT a milestone in AI technology?

Turkey’s Natural Earthquake and Economic Shock

In the past two days, a piece of news has swiped my screen. On February 6, local time, two 7.8-magnitude earthquakes hit Turkey. So far, thousands of people have been killed and over 10,000 injured in Turkey and Syria. And now, those grim numbers don’t seem to stop their rise in the slightest. This is Turkey’s worst disaster in over 80 years. Apart from the time of silence and the fever discussion on humanitarian aid, we have to think about a more severe question, how will this disaster deal with Turkey’s fragile economic system? In recent years, Turkey has been Continue reading Turkey’s Natural Earthquake and Economic Shock