Is ChatGPT a milestone in AI technology?

At the end of last year, OpenAI, an AI laboratory invested by Microsoft, released a powerful AI language model ChatGPT, which can simulate human language behaviors and interact with users. However, Microsoft’s recently promoted new Bing combined with ChatGPT has fallen into arguing.

In fact, ChatGPT replies that it understands multiple languages and code writing. Someone builds system diagrams using ChatGPT. It even writes different poems on the same subject. For each question, ChatGPT will provide different answers every time, not just one standardized answer. Its flexibility is indeed surprising.

ChatGPT’s poems about Spring:

ChatGPT can quickly become popular all over the world because of its powerful language organization ability to give high-quality answers, thus bringing users an interactive experience beyond expectations. This combination of “search engine + social software”, provides an efficient way to obtain information, although sometimes the answer is not accurate.

Honestly, ChatGPT is a great product, especially when it comes to business consulting services. 48% of customers don’t care whether a human or a robot answers their query. Additionally, 90% of companies are already using auto-bots to service customer inquiries. This means that, in the future, a more humane 24-hour Q&A robot will help companies increase revenue and work efficiency, and be more helpful to customer service.

With the development of artificial intelligence technology, What impact will it have on people’s lives? This reminds me of AlphaGo that appeared a few years ago. Human beings are further defeated by artificial intelligence in board games, which makes us have to think about the risks and harms brought by the development of artificial intelligence. The most intuitive question: Will AI replace some human jobs and further increase the unemployment rate? Repetitive work and precise labor, robots or say virtual labor force are already replacing real labor force in large quantities. The mental work that requires thinking should also be replaced by AI such as ChatGPT? For example, can coding work be replaced by ChatGPT?

As of now, it’s not hard to imagine that ChatGPT will change the way we work and live. Innovation is always a problem, but at least the repetitive code writing staff should have a sense of crisis. Just as we no longer require all customer service responsors to be human agents. For the aspect of life: Our past reliance on human-to-human communication will be partially replaced by the exchange of information (or even some ideas of text writing) between humans and more humane machines. Or say, whether we want it or not, ChatGPT will force its way into our lives, and we will rely on ChatGPT to answer many easy-to-answer questions, like the way we are using search engines but can do more. Our modern life can no longer be separated from the network and electronic products. We are used to search engines, and we will be used to AI. If ChatGPT can do this, it will be an epoch-making product that can change our work and life.

Behind Microsoft’s overwhelming advertising and various news discussions, we need to calm down and think about one thing: Is the virtual workforce a realistic workforce? It is impossible for us to blindly accept the existence of ChatGPT. At least looking at any new products rationally is the good mindset that humans need. We cannot stop ChatGPT or any other AI from being born. We are happy to see to any helpful AI growth and development. Perhaps, we are witnessing the great history of ChatGPT, but we need to take a sober look at ChatGPT technical intelligence to ensure that it does not harm human beings.

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