The Drink Exchange

The Drink Exchange is an increasingly popular software being implemented in bars across the world.

How it Works
Designed to mimic the real-world Stock Market, prices of drinks rise and fall depending on popularity. Television screens across the bar show real time prices of drinks that change by the minute depending on supply and demand. This may be the only market in the world where everyone is hoping for a crash.

As for now, customers are fighting to purchase drinks at the lowest price they can. In the future, however, the company plans to incorporate more Stock Market themed variables to up the stakes of the game. If a customer wants to lock in the price of a drink ahead of time through the bar’s mobile app, for example, they are committed to those prices and the risk that comes along with it.

How to Beat The System
If you are lucky enough to find yourself in one of these bars in the future, here are some tips:

  • Look for patterns

Find out which drinks are connected. If you can spend enough time analyzing prices, you can usually find a trend in drink orders. If the price for beer is steadily increasing, consider checking out some of the cocktails. Keep an eye out for these patterns so you can be on the ball when the time comes to order your second round.

  • Time the market

Be conscious of surrounding market area. If the pub is packed on a Saturday night, consider getting a pitcher elsewhere and come back around closing time when the menu will be hugely discounted. Be mindful of your own orders as well. If you get a round for all your buddies, make sure you don’t signal the bartender for another round or else your wallet will face its own demise.

  • Pay attention

If you see the table next to you order a round of a drinks, you know those prices will be going up. Keep an eye out for what is happening around you so you have a better general knowledge of the market.

  • Be flexible

To beat the market, you can’t be picky about what you’re drinking. Learn to drink whatever is on sale. Drinks can be served at a fraction of the normal price if no one else at the bar is interested.

Good luck!

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