President Obama Lifts Sanctions on Importing Certain Cuban Goods

Get your Cuban cigars, get your Cuban rum. President Obama just last week lifted the restriction of bringing in over $100 of Cuban cigars and rum to the United States. This is the continued effort of improving the relations of the two countries as they slowly rebound from decades of economic stagnancy. Obama has continued to lift the trade embargo to not only improve the two’s relationship but also stimulate the economy between the United States and Cuba.

The value of a fluid relationship will increase quite a bit as United States citizens will increasingly do travel and business in Cuba, bringing more and more Cuban goods to the United States while helping the Cuban economy grow.

One of the main points that has been made in this transition is that even though another president could reverse the moves the President Obama has made over the past two years, the fact that the business between the two countries will be increasing so much that it will be tough to justify doing so.

Another important point is how transparent the United States were when lifting the sanctions. These are public reports and aren’t being kept a secret to somehow hurt Cuba. The New York Times outlined an important quote from the national security advisor, Susan E Rice. “‘The United States used to have secret plans for Cuba; now our policy is fully out in the open and online for everyone to see and read,’  Susan E. Rice… said at a speech in Washington on Friday. ‘What you see is what you get,'” said Rice.

The relationship between Cuba is not only very important for the safety of the two countries but it will be intriguing to see the economic growth that it not only does to the United States but Cuba as well.


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