Gearing Up for 2020: The Median Voter Model

Though we are still more than a year out from the 2020 presidential election, candidates are beginning to kick their campaigns into high gear and political tensions are ever rising. There are constantly headlines surrounding who has entered the race, who has dropped out, and articles that seem to make predictions about where the peoples’ votes will go and how candidates will run their campaigns. One of the biggest questions that voters will get the chance to answer is how the left is going to fare, given more extreme candidates, such as Bernie Sanders, have entered the running. One way Continue reading Gearing Up for 2020: The Median Voter Model

Does Your Vote Count?

In light of the quote I included in a recent article about Gary Johnson (and in light of the creeping up date of November 6), “A wasted vote is voting for somebody you don’t believe in”, I sought to find reason behind this statement and ones similar to it surrounding the theory of voting. History would nudge us to believe that some votes don’t “count”. For example, in numbers of U.S. presidential elections the most popular candidate did not win. Why do some economists, specifically, choose not to vote and claim, “voting doesn’t pay”? Game theory states that your vote Continue reading Does Your Vote Count?

Surprising Statistics Among Voters in Support of Trade Agreements

The New York Times recently came out with an article outlining some interesting statistics about voters in the United States supporting trade agreements such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). This is most interesting because both major-party candidates actually oppose the trade agreement that was established by President Obama. In the article, the NYT outlines that the point that Republicans tend to be pro-trade but since the Republican candidate Donald Trump is so anti-trade, the R’s are staunchly against these trade agreements. However, younger voters still strongly support trade agreements such as the TPP and overall voters polled either support trade Continue reading Surprising Statistics Among Voters in Support of Trade Agreements