15$ Minimum Wage.. It’s Happening Right Now

We’ve all heard the hullabaloo about potentially raising the minimum wage in Seattle. Well as of January 1st, Proposition 1 went into effect in the City of Seatac, which endorsed a 15$ minimum wage and paid sick leave. Additionally, employers must promote part-time workers to full time before hiring more employees and retain employees for at least 90 days after a change in ownership. So why haven’t more people heard about it? Where are all the dramatic and radical effects that were predicted? A recent article from the Seattle times states that Prop 1 “has not created a large chain reaction of lost Continue reading 15$ Minimum Wage.. It’s Happening Right Now

Why Low Fast Food Wages Really Matter

According to an article in Business Week, over 50% of fast food workers are enrolled in at least one public assistance program, a substantially higher proportion than any other industry. The low wages paid to these workers cost American taxpayers an average of $7 Billion a year. Is that really worth a Big Mac that’s a buck cheaper?