15$ Minimum Wage.. It’s Happening Right Now

We’ve all heard the hullabaloo about potentially raising the minimum wage in Seattle. Well as of January 1st, Proposition 1 went into effect in the City of Seatac, which endorsed a 15$ minimum wage and paid sick leave. Additionally, employers must promote part-time workers to full time before hiring more employees and retain employees for at least 90 days after a change in ownership.

So why haven’t more people heard about it? Where are all the dramatic and radical effects that were predicted? A recent article from the Seattle times states that Prop 1 “has not created a large chain reaction of lost jobs and higher prices, nor has it led to an embrace of union membership.” The story goes on to say we have seen some small changes as a result. A few businesses have suffered. Job applications are coming in faster than ever. But overall, nothing has sound the alarms that a rise in minimum wage will cause the disastrous shortage of jobs that we’ve been told it will.

There has been much criticism of the results. For one, Seatac is relatively small compared to Seattle or America as a whole. Others say it is still too early to call it. All will be watching though, especially those of us who are looking to get a job this summer.

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