A Different Perspective on Empathy

Paul Bloom, a psychologist at Yale University, takes a stance against using empathy as a motivational tool for charitable giving in his new book, “Against Empathy.” The definition of empathy used by many focuses on the ability to feel another person’s emotions or feelings in general. Bloom argues that this type of perspective is actually harmful in many different aspects when it comes to making decisions of morality. In a recent episode of Econtalk, Russ Roberts meets with Bloom to discuss this view of empathy that could be seen as controversial to many. Bloom’s main argument focuses on this definition Continue reading A Different Perspective on Empathy

A Lesson in the Marginal Value of Time

It’s nice to see that someone understands the value of time, or should I say, the marginal value of time. A recent article on Bleacher Report described Urban Meyer’s return to coaching football after health issues due to excessive work forced him to leave Florida, where his teams went 65-15 and won two nationals championships, after the 2010 season. Meyer is now the head coach at Ohio State, where he is reportedly in good health and happier than ever. According to Meyer the secret to his health and happiness is a balanced life. He’s replaced eighteen hour work days for Continue reading A Lesson in the Marginal Value of Time