Food Aid or Food Assistance

The United Nations formed the World Food Program (WFP) in 1961 to allocate foreign food aid to those suffering from famine or other disasters (man-made or natural). The program originally provided aid by sending staple foods directly to the region in need. This use of aid quickly undercuts local markets. And while it does feed people, many are still left malnourished.There is a need to take a closer look. Flooding a region with free commodities can drive local producers out of business and cause more long term damage than short term good. There is not much use in feeding a Continue reading Food Aid or Food Assistance

Food for Thought

In a world that wastes one-third of its food each year, how is it that hunger is still one of the leading preventable causes of death worldwide? Apparently, according to an article in Foreign Policy,  how food gets wasted depends on where you live.      In developing countries, consumers tend to not waste much food because food consumes a much larger portion of personal income. Much of the waste comes from the production side where “crops are inefficiently farmed with outdated tools, and often harvested early because farmers are under economic and climactic duress. To get meat, fruits, vegetables and Continue reading Food for Thought