Mask the Purpose

With medical professionals advising civilians to wear personal protective equipment(PPE), many have made or purchased fabric masks to wear out in public areas. The style of the mask and fabric varies depending on availability, but as more and more resources are pushed towards mask making, an aesthetic component emerges. Instead of a necessity, masks are becoming a fashion statement. As this process has happened in other countries during other outbreaks, trends show that it is happening in the United States as well. It is a political statement to either rebel against medical advice and ‘keep their freedom’ or stand with Continue reading Mask the Purpose

Performing in a Pandemic

As many people have been social distancing and staying at home for quarantine, markets adjust to keep up with the public’s needs. Nonessential operations have either closed, reduced hours, or switched to virtual operations to protect employees and consumers in the COVID-19 pandemic. With these virtual shifts came many layoffs and downsizings as many businesses struggle to remain open until reintegration. This shift holds the expectations that operations will eventually return to normal as the number of cases decrease. Realistically, the increase in virtual connections will likely leave a lasting impact on a variety of industries that many were not Continue reading Performing in a Pandemic

 Equity and Efficiency in Graduation

As the semester comes to an end, I reflect on my time at the University of Puget Sound and appreciate the unique experiences that are only offered here, both in and outside of the classroom. One of the highlights of my senior year was taking the Law and Economics course during the fall semester. This course was one that I genuinely enjoyed learning about and was sad the few times that I had to miss class. The course analyzes the costs and benefits of taking risks and precautions to various types of accidents to come up with a solution that Continue reading  Equity and Efficiency in Graduation

Thesis Corner: Emily Davis

Welcome to Thesis Corner! I recently interviewed fellow senior Emily Davis about her experience with the thesis project. Enjoy! 1)What is your thesis about? My thesis is about how inequality increased in the US after the Great Recession. I looked at the impacts of monetary policy, specifically quantitative easing (QE), on wealth and income inequality. 2)How did you get the idea for this topic? I got the idea for this topic after reading Aftershock by Robert Reich. In his book he talks about increasing wealth gap after the Great Recession through multiple lenses. From his research, I expanded on how Continue reading Thesis Corner: Emily Davis

Will You Find a Job After Graduation?

With the spring semester quickly zooming by for many seniors as they anxiously await graduation, it seemed like an appropriate time to check in on the job market and see if there are any prominent trends. After high school, there are usually much clearer career paths and organizations to reach career goals: working, higher education, military, etc… For those finishing up their undergraduate degrees, that is not always the case. This flexibility and freedom makes the post-grad job or graduate school hunt stressful. As much as we’d like to think our dream jobs are out there, sometimes the economy cannot Continue reading Will You Find a Job After Graduation?