Economics of reality TV show dating

Reality Television shows are a genre that have been prevalent in our society for decades now, being attractive due to their intrigue and drama. As we have progressed from the early days of the Bachelor and Married at First Sight, new shows have created new premises that have involved and made more game theory applications and new ways to model scenarios. Too Hot to Handle is a British dating show that blew up over the 2020 period of COVID. The premise of the show is they get a group of physically attractive individuals together and put them in a scenario Continue reading Economics of reality TV show dating


For more than a century, Corn Flakes have been a staple cereal in American diets everywhere. This crispy golden flaked cereal was initially released in 1894 and since has been led by their main mascot Cornelius, a green cartoon chicken who has been the centerpiece of their simplistic box design since the mid-1960s. However, since late January, Cornelius has begun to cause conflict regarding laws around exportation in Mexico. Mexican officials as of now have confiscated 380,000 boxes of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes raiding warehouses north of Mexico City. The reasoning behind this: Mexico has multiple intertwined laws affecting marketing around Continue reading Cerealnomics