Drug Shortages in the U.S.

The U.S is currently facing one of the worst drug shortages it has ever experienced. As of today, 267 medications are considered to be in a shortage. This includes cancer medications, antibiotics, cough and cold medications, and attention deficit medications such as Adderall. Supply chain failures are partially to blame, but much of the issue ultimately stems from the FDA’s recommended production amounts, which have failed to account for the increased demand caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Because these recommendations are enforced by the DEA, there is very little room for negotiation which leaves consumers holding the short straw if Continue reading Drug Shortages in the U.S.

The Golden Ticket to Solving Homelessness

As I’m sure you’re all well aware, the U.S is currently facing a human welfare crisis as the number of houseless people continues to climb. The combination of the COVID-19 pandemic, the fentanyl epidemic, and a shortage of housing has proved to be a lethal combination that has very effectively displaced over half a million people according to the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development. This has led to widespread open air drug use, unsanitary public spaces, and mounting pressure on public services to cater to an already needy population. As a result, the financial resources required by municipalities Continue reading The Golden Ticket to Solving Homelessness

Child Labor in the U.S. – An Epidemic of Exploitation

The U.S. is witnessing an unprecedented number of child labor law violations taking place all over the country. Automotive companies such as Hyundai, and Kia, as well as food packaging companies such as Packers Santitation Services LLC, which service companies like McDonald’s, Chipotle, and Dunkin Donuts have all recently been cited for violations. These are just a few of the most egregious offenders who have been accused of employing minors in dangerous, sometimes toxic working conditions. Many of the children involved are undocumented and are residing in the U.S. on the basis of asylum, staying with host families that have Continue reading Child Labor in the U.S. – An Epidemic of Exploitation

Is the Social Security System Failing?

As of today, 90% of U.S. retirees rely on the social security system as a major source of income during their retirements (Social Security Administration). However, future retirees are facing a crisis as the collective pool of money has shrunk significantly, leading many to doubt the long-term viability of social security. To explain this trend, it’s important to understand the fundamentals of our current social security system. The social security system works as two dynamic pools of money that every tax paying American contributes to automatically through our current tax system during the course of their professional life. Everytime payment Continue reading Is the Social Security System Failing?

How the Russia-Ukraine Conflict has Impacted the World’s Petroleum Markets

Exactly one year ago today, Russia initiated its attack on Ukraine, instigating a large-scale international dispute that has resulted in nearly 200,000 casualties and millions of Ukrainians being displaced from their homes (Cooper, et al., 2023). It should be noted that both of these figures are estimates as it is notoriously difficult to accurately predict casualties and displacement in conflict zones. In response, economic sanctions were issued against Russia, effectively removing them from the western hemisphere’s oil and tech markets. These sanctions have had a devastating impact on Russia’s oil market as a result. Their crude oil exports are estimated Continue reading How the Russia-Ukraine Conflict has Impacted the World’s Petroleum Markets

Are EV’s really the future?

Environmental damage is a growing concern worldwide, and rightly so. The world has never been warmer than it is today, and the acceleration of global warming will only continue as humanity fails to change its ways. It is no longer a suggestion to reduce our emissions but rather a necessity that governments have been forced to acknowledge and address. As a result, many industries have begun re-imagining their production methods in an effort to reduce the size of their carbon footprint on the environment. The automotive industry has made the most noticeable changes with their focus on electric vehicles, or Continue reading Are EV’s really the future?