The Economic Benefit of Online Community Marketplaces

The last decade has seen a significant decline of Facebook usage for preference of other sites, particularly from younger generations including individuals like myself. Despite this, I find myself checking and utilizing Facebook on a regular basis for one thing: free-and-discount-goods groups. Notably are regions’ “Buy Nothing” and “Buy, Sell, Trade” groups that promote a decrease of capitalistic purchasing and demanding, in turn decreasing our contributions to the supply chain. For two years now I have been a member of a small group of Tacomans banded in a Facebook group, united by ‘bananas for scale’ and one rule: everything is Continue reading The Economic Benefit of Online Community Marketplaces

The Economics of Reproductive Healthcare

With recent announcements from the Supreme Court surrounding Roe v. Wade, important considerations for the reproductive health and economic welfare of people in the United States is to be considered. During the last four years, personal research has surrounded reproductive health policy and implementation in Washington state, leading me to further understanding of the societal and economic importance of the topic. Whether universal access to safe, legal abortion or other foundational reproductive care, the economic wellbeing through healthcare availability of reproducing individuals in the country reigns… supreme.  Research supports the notion that reproductive healthcare, policies that support it, and access Continue reading The Economics of Reproductive Healthcare

How Conflict in Ukraine Threatens the World’s Beer Industry

            It is important to understand the social, health, and political externalities as a result of Ukraine’s invasion from Russia. Upon listening to a recent podcast from The Economist, Money Talks: Grain damage, I was struck by the further resulting implications on the rest of the world. Noted specifically in this podcast was the high level of Ukrainian and Russian grain and fertilizer exports, threatening the world’s food supply through agricultural components and livestock feed. The two countries export over 20% of the world’s fertilizer and about 12% of all of the world’s calories, ranking in the top five of worldwide production. Continue reading How Conflict in Ukraine Threatens the World’s Beer Industry

How to Trade (like a Kindergartener)

There is an infamous book referenced often in my life, having a mother as a devoted kindergarten teacher. And, truly, I live by the words of author Robert Fulghum in that All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. Walking around a Kindergarten classroom is not too far off what I imagine it’s like on the ground of the New York Stock Exchange: bustling individuals running back and forth, disorderly papers with scribbles on the margins, shouting over desired items, and manipulating the market (teacher) for a little extra playtime. Maybe the NYSE could learn a few things from Continue reading How to Trade (like a Kindergartener)

2022 Economics Thesis Presentations!

March 3, 2022 brought a final culmination of the economics major degree for 26 hardworking seniors. After four years of modeling markets, laughing and crying through courses, and surprising ourselves with our abilities through exams, we presented our Fall 2021 thesis projects to our friends, families, and Puget Sound community. Many completed through econometrics and the remaining macro-based theory, the full variety of thesis presentations can be seen here: Myself and 10 other students had the pleasure of completing our theses under the guidance of Professor Matthew Warning. Through data focused collaborations with our own focused topics, our Fall 2021 Continue reading 2022 Economics Thesis Presentations!

Economic Benefit of Modern Manufacturing Flaws

Why Has the Small Dent in my Hood Left Me with an Indefinite Rental?  It was a fateful chilly morning in the beginning of January 2022 when my beloved Ford Taurus experienced what I consider a punch to the face; she was backed into by a CRV with a large spare tire on the back. Although it didn’t appear as extensive external damage, a crunched hood and broken grille begged to differ. I brought her to the nearest trusted body shop later that day who gave me words of advice I will always appreciate- go through insurance and expect it Continue reading Economic Benefit of Modern Manufacturing Flaws