Chat GBT:effects on capitalism and how the individual can capitalize

In November of 2022, we opened Pandora’s box. Throughout our society’s history, we have had many advancements, such as the internet, electricity, and indoor plumbing. In 20 years, we will be putting Chat GBT in the same regard as these singular inventions or entities that created a movement. In this case, it is the start of the artificial revolution. With all this new information out in the world, what do we need to know, how should we act on that information, and what does it mean for our future careers and educational systems? With this significant shift, some of the main dilemmas or areas that we must look at in being changed considerably are how we work and what we consider work, how corporations and the economy will operate going forward, and how will each of us as individuals be affected and what will this mean for your current life now? To begin, we must consider what AI is. AI is an acronym for advanced intelligence that essentially has the ability of an intelligent agent or entity to understand, comprehend or learn, conduct, or accomplish any intellectual thing or task at the rate a human being can. However, as we move into the future, these systems will learn to do things BETTER than humans if they still need to do so. The advanced intelligence known as Chat GBT is powerful because it can create anything in the written word. It is based entirely on the questions an individual asks.

When we look at this impact, we can compare this to the start of the internet. It was a monumental impact that rescaled, reshuffled, and redistributed different workforces. The internet made a big world even more connected and more negligible. We were able to communicate quicker, get our results to people faster and find the information we desired at a rate unfathomable by people of the past and create new communities from people in different segments of the world that, in the past, we as humans would have never had accessibility. However, to say that AI will revolutionize the world would be an extreme understatement. It will truly revolutionize the world. AI can eliminate or remove different workforce segments as the internet has reshuffled the workforce. AI can eliminate certain aspects of the human force and, in general, human intelligence. We are eventually going to reach a point where AI can supersede humans. When we look at specific jobs such as writing-oriented jobs or any creative jobs from business to sales to any form of media, these can now be done by asking a few simple questions. Many forms of media create digital art (I discussed the ethics of this in a previous blog post), which can make anything based on the user’s desires. When we look towards the future of this and what is to come, we can see how media is created pretty close. With the creation of any writing and pictures, video could be easily achievable to start using AI in the future as an example. When looking at the video, all it takes to create a video of the simplest form is thousands of pictures intersected like a flip book. As we gain complexity in these systems and begin to merge them, the products we will be able to produce will become exponentially more rigorous.

When looking at how this affects the corporations and the economy of the world, we will see monumental shifts. Conducting and going safely and ethically will be one of the most important things for us as a nation, society, and the world. One thing that we must consider is the volume that AI can take in. When we are looking at, for example, a sales writer or sales script writer, that one individual is going to be creating, sampling, and crafting their work based on their own experiences, what they have seen work, and from the feedback and different sets of inputs they have got from those they trust, work with or from who that they were turned down. We are comparing AI to a sales script writer who has been in his industry for 20 years. He is a well-noted voice and has thousands of hours in this industry. AI can turn decades into days when it comes to learning. Looking at the rate at which AI can turn through data is unfathomable. Not only are they going to be immeasurable at the rate they adapt and learn what the perfect sales script, which words need to be articulated more, or how brief or concise it needs to be is, but they will be acting on not only all the information recently published but on the ENTIRETY of the vast gulf of information in our society. That means veteran workers could be competing against machines that process and learn 1000x the rate they do, have unlimited processing ability, and process not only the entirety and complete knowledge the world has ever produced but also from the competition’s scripts, experiences, and decisions over time. We are now comparing decades to a millennium. So when we consider this, creative jobs are what is at risk. If you are a logo designer, customer service, or copywriter, you are now competing against highly advanced intelligence. However, if you are connected to an AI, you will have unlimited power, so whoever has access to this power and utilizes it best will benefit greatly. 

So how does this affect the individual on a micro and not macro scale? For one, people can use these chat AI tools to answer numerous questions about any subject they desire, such as core school subjects in history, science, current events, etc. To reiterate, Chat GPT can create scripts for customer service, virtual assistants, and various applications if one wants to look at AI for systems conversationally. It can also translate any language, assist in making writing better, generating text, ideas, and summaries based on the consumer’s inputs. This idea also wholly changes an individual’s ability to create communications as they can generate prompts and features for creative writing or any form of writing. These processes might not seem highly revolutionary for the average consumer, but they still vastly impact how we interact and live daily.

So what do we do now? Robots are destined to take over the world and your jobs and enslave you. Well, not exactly. One thing that must be considered is that advanced intelligence has been programmed to disregard and not harm humans. They will act with the initiative of advancing themselves, and although some accidents could occur, such as crashes with self-driving cars, the net outcome will overall be positive. We as a society must adopt the mentality that AI is not here to replace us but to give us a power-up. When you think about it, AI can fast-track your inputs, allowing you to read faster, summarize and increase your outputs. You could have it translate emails, create responses based on what you would say, and will enable you to get a day of work done in minutes. It can be 10 x your inputs and outputs, which in simple math is 100x your productivity. Yes. I will repeat it. 100 times. Think about if you could do 100x as much school work in the time you have. With your ability to summarize and retain information, you could graduate in months rather than years. We cannot control society’s direction; progress and change are inevitable, and as humans, we must embrace change. By adopting this change, not only can we advance at more incredible speeds and lengths than ever before, but we can become limitless and reach impossible heights. When we as a society begin to release ourselves of our human limitations, we can accomplish any goal, task, or desire we want.

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