The Megadorm

Massive dormitories are the way of the future, Or at least Charlie Munger thinks so. Charlie Munger is billionaire in America who made his money working for Warren Buffet with investments. But this naturally begs the question, what is a billionaire doing designing college dorms? It boils down to supply and demand. For years, Mr. Munger has listened to family members complaining about sharing dorm rooms with annoying roommates. On most college campuses, the demand for single rooms is much greater than the supply, and this issue has only been emphasized due to the housing restrictions that have come with COVID-19. What’s the solution? A massive complex of dorm rooms meant to house over 4,000 students. Munger gave University of California Santa Barbara a $200 million dollar donation, and only one condition: all UCSB has to do is use Mr. Munger’s building design that has gained the colloquial name: dormzilla among students on campus, however the dorm will be creatively named Munger hall. It features two entrances and 11 stories. The main bright side for students living in this dorm would be everyone getting a single, but it comes at a cost: almost 95% of the students will not have any windows to the outside world, and the replacement will be virtual windows that simulate sunlight.

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