Why do some think that economics is not a Science?

Is it safe to assume that economics is science if some evidence leads towards it not fitting into the four branches of sciences? There are four branches of science, formal sciences, natural sciences, physical science, and social sciences. Formal sciences are known to be the study of logic and mathematics. Natural sciences are classified to be the study of natural phenomena and are divided into two branches, physical and social science. Many such as universities consider economics to be a social science but there are others that are criticizing the field not be a science. They argue that the field of economics falls short of the “definition” of a science. This argument is based on the field’s shortcomings of theories and consensus, often testable as well as the discipline is known to have an overtone that is inherently political. What these critics are forgetting is that economists do use statistics and mathematical theories to test hypotheses. In fact, this process of using statistics, mathematical theories and forecast trends is econometrics. Moreover, economists use models just like other well-known sciences to study complex systems. Economics just like any other sciences is a science.


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