Econ Department Launches Logger Economics Alumni Network

In a move to streamline the networking process for economics students, the department has launched the Logger Economics Alumni Network (LEAN) on LinkedIn. The group will supplement the general services that CES ably provides by providing a dedicated space for current econ students to connect with former econ students.

LEAN is set up to fill a niche: offering a one-stop-shop to students seeking grad school advice. The group has members currently enrolled in PhD, Master’s, and Law programs. The hope of launching this network is for economics students to have a place to seek post-grad advice from people who have walked in their shoes.

It is additionally open to employers and job-seekers. Members already include alumni who work in consulting, financial analysis, environmental economics, and government agencies. Over time, the hope is for LEAN to expand and compound positive effects for members looking to fill a job, get a job, learn about graduate school, or simply figure out what the heck they can do with their econ degrees.

If you would like to join this network, connect with myself or the group’s founder, Professor Andrew Monaco, on LinkedIn and indicate your interest. Read more about LEAN here!

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