Not enough workers? The problem Denmark faces

It’s not often that you see countries have a lack of workers available across the nation, but it is the problem that Denmark has on its hands right now. An article from the New York Times outlines what the Danes are dealing with currently, but they simply don’t have enough skilled workers available to fill the jobs they need. The unemployment rate is at 4.3%, and has recovered extremely fast after the recession that hit across Europe. If the unemployment rate goes any lower, the country could run into inflation problems. The NYT notes that this has occurred before:

During an economic boom a decade ago, joblessness fell as low as 2.4 percent, igniting an unsustainable spiral of higher wages and prices that the government desperately wants to avoid today.

The NYT also notes that the growth overall in GDP is at 1.2%. Very solid but could come crashing down if there are not more workers hired soon. How can employers solve this problem?

It’s been suggested that refugees could potentially fill the void, but they are not highly skilled enough to take the jobs that need to be filled. Now, some employers have started to look outside of the country. From the NYT:

a technology-based education company in downtown Copenhagen that digitizes learning materials for national education systems, opened a satellite office in Ukraine, hiring around 20 programmers.

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