“City Folks Just Don’t Get It”: Farmersonly.com

In 2005, a new niche dating site sprung up. Founded by Jerry Miller, an agricultural marketing specialist, Farmersonly.com grew from 2,000 to 2 million members in the first five years. Farmers Only joined the ranks of other niche dating sites like: Seekingarrangement.com, which links sugar daddies or mommas with sugar babies; theatlasphere.com, for lovers of Ayn Rand’s works; and cupidtino.com, for people who love Apple products. These niche dating sites are examples of thin or narrow markets, where the number of buyers and sellers are limited. While there are some incongruities between dating and other markets, mainly that the dater is simultaneously a “seller” and “buyer,” the concept Continue reading “City Folks Just Don’t Get It”: Farmersonly.com

The Value of a Dollar in Venezuela

 Venezuela began to face detrimentally high inflation in 2014, right after the death of previous President Hugo Chavez. Although this was not the beginning of the country’s monetary problems, high inflation has led to a huge decrease in the value of the Bolivar, Venezuela’s currency. Now prices of regular goods and services have skyrocketed. Not only has inflation led to the devaluation of the bolivar but it has also caused Venezuela’s government to panic and take precaution in order to make some goods and services cheap while others are staying severely expensive. In attempt to resolve and or manage the Continue reading The Value of a Dollar in Venezuela

Advertising in the Era of Ad Blockers: A Brief Introduction

Ad blockers have become something of a staple for regular internet users, with plugins such as Adblock Plus and uBlock Origin having more than 17 million downloads between them on Google Chrome alone. This should come as no surprise to anyone who has spent a significant amount of time online, as advertising is simply everywhere, from insidious advertisements on the tops of web pages to more intrusive forms such as the notorious pop-up. According to a study cited by advertising company Pagefair, there were approximately 198 million active ad block users globally. These users put an alleged $22 billion dent Continue reading Advertising in the Era of Ad Blockers: A Brief Introduction