Trump Promises Lifting of Restrictions on Louisiana’s Oil and Gas Industry

Donald Trump has made a lot of promises over the past year or so on the campaign trail, some more believable than others. One of the promises that is more believable is the idea that fossil fuel energy will be let loose. Trump furthered his promise in a rally in Baton Rouge about lifting the regulations on the oil and gas industries in Louisiana.

These industries are extremely important to the economy in Louisiana but come with the mark of unclean energy, something that brings caution with the continued warming of the globe. However, Trump hasn’t put any stock in Global Warming, minimizing it to the point where jobs over the climate is an easy choice for him.

Trump would allow for the encouragement of building more oil refineries not only in Louisiana but across the United States. Yes, this would open up more jobs but the fact that the solar industry is growing at a very strong rate could bring renewable energy and jobs to a state like Louisiana that receives plenty of sun over the year.

These type of promises about deregulation will continue to come throughout the year and they most likely will go through. The growth will be valuable for the economy in the United States, but the environmental impacts could be painful.

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