Cost Per Vote in New Hampshire

This post is a follow-up to my original post a few weeks ago about campaign spending per vote in the US primary elections. When I wrote that post, only information about the Iowa causes was available. Now, New Hampshire data is available. NPR put together a great table tabulating the TV advertising expenditures of campaigns in that state for all the major candidates, in both parties. You should click over there and look at it. Some interesting tidbits from their analysis:

  • Jeb Bush, like in Iowa, burned a lot of cash but it didn’t translate to votes. Spending over $30 million dollars for around 30,000 votes, he racked up astronomical expenditures of $1,086 per vote received.
  • Sanders and Clinton spent similar amounts of money per vote received: $60 and $52, respectively. However, Sanders received significantly more votes and spent, in total, significantly more than Clinton.
  • The two lowest spenders were Trump, who spent $31 per vote, and Cruz, who spent $11 per vote.


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