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As we begin finals week, and our bloggers take their summer hiatus, readers may be wondering where to go to get their fix of economic news and analysis. Fortunately, the econ blogosphere is under no shortage of excellent blogs worth reading. One such blogger, Noah Smith, has compiled a guide on Bloomberg View titled “These Are the Econ Blogs You Need to Read.” Macro blogs, aggregator blogs (which collect and often synthesize other blogs), game theory and decision making blogs, more partisan (both on the left and right) blogs … the list goes on and on.

The realm of econ blogs has continued to survive with discussion and debate across a wide stretch of economic topics. Ben Bernanke and John Taylor traded shots on the benefits (or lack thereof) of the Fed’s use of the Taylor Rule in policymaking. Noah Smith himself revealed his annoyance at the over-use of the term signaling in economic discourse, and elicited a response from Bryan Kaplan at George Mason University. As the conversations continue, we at Sound Economics look forward to another year of bringing you into the fray, arming you with the economic tools and contexts, and providing our insights into the topic of the day.

Finally, I’d like to thank our graduating senior writers, Connor Lennon, Ricky Howard, and Collin Hoover, for their hard work this past year. You guys rock!

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