Obama Reaches out to Young America

President Barack Obama has been looking for ways to get young Americans to sign up for healthcare under the Affordable Care Act. Recently he appeared on Funny or Die to do a mock interview hosted by Zach Galifianakis (best known for the Hangover). It is interesting to see a President play a comedic role. The Economist follows up on the interview with a few stats to shed light on the trends in health care enrollment. The deadline to sign up for healthcare without a penalty is April 1st and Obama is hoping to get as many people enrolled as possible. Increasing the demand for health care should lower the price, but it also depends on who is enrolling. Young healthy Americans must enroll in order to keep the cost of health care down compensating for the higher health care costs of the elderly. Using the media is a great way to do that. Funny or Die has a young audience. After the interview aired online over 19,000 people went straight to healthcare.gov directly from Funny or Die. The younger generation will need to pay into a universal health care system in order for it to thrive.

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Hello, my name is Jared Soares. I am pursuing a degree in economics with minors in mathematics and computer science. Outside of school I enjoy hiking, rock climbing, cooking and performing with the improv comedy troupe Ubiquitous They.

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