The Rise of Unblockable Advertising on

As our avid readers may recall, this is a series intended to examine the changing face of digital advertising in the era of ad blocking software. Some companies have recently taken up arms against the increased use of adblockers, and are beginning to invest in technology to bypass this software and ensure that their ads are reaching as many eyes as possible. Currently, two groups, Facebook and Twitch, seem to be frontrunners in this new trend. Following its acquisition by Amazon in late 2014, many wondered if the streaming service was really worth the $970 million that Amazon eagerly Continue reading The Rise of Unblockable Advertising on

Advertising in the Era of Ad Blockers: A Brief Introduction

Ad blockers have become something of a staple for regular internet users, with plugins such as Adblock Plus and uBlock Origin having more than 17 million downloads between them on Google Chrome alone. This should come as no surprise to anyone who has spent a significant amount of time online, as advertising is simply everywhere, from insidious advertisements on the tops of web pages to more intrusive forms such as the notorious pop-up. According to a study cited by advertising company Pagefair, there were approximately 198 million active ad block users globally. These users put an alleged $22 billion dent Continue reading Advertising in the Era of Ad Blockers: A Brief Introduction