Puget Sound human residents, fish, and wildlife all depend upon clean water.  Our drinking water comes from the Cascade Mountain watersheds. Our sewage treatment systems clean the waste water before it enters streams and Puget Sound.  The projects in this section of Science Stories draw our attention to both ends of the flow.   The Flow of Water project depicts the large Green River Watershed system upon which Tacoma Washington’s residents rely.  On the other end, sewage treatment requires the latest scientific evidence for cleaning wastewater.  Vorticella convallaria: 1676 & 2020 draws attention to the feeding/flow patterns of single cell sessile suspension feeders important to biological approaches to wastewater treatment. 

To see images and videos about The Flow of Water, click https://blogs.pugetsound.edu/sciencestories/the-flow-water/

To see images and videos about Vorticella convallaria 1676 & 2020 click Vorticella convallaria 1676 & 2020.