Pacific Northwest Native Plant Website and Magic Books

Artist: Lucia Harrison

The Pacific Northwest Native Plant Magic Book Website can be viewed at

LuciaHarrison introduces her Pacific Northwest Native Plant Website and Magic Books.  In this website and through the free downloadable magic books, viewers can learn about connections between native plants and animals in different seasons.

Lucia Harrison’s Artist Statement: The Pacific Northwest Native Plant Website and Magic Books ( use art to highlight the relationships between native plants and animals.  The booklets feature drawings of a native plant during different seasons.  Each booklet contains a hidden pocket that reveals information about the plant and animals that depend upon it.  The black and white booklets allow viewers to hand color and write about the plant/animal relationships using the website’s plant and animal image libraries.  The color booklets were hand-colored and include the artist’s research.  The website allows viewers to download the materials (for free) to make the booklets for educational non-commercial purposes. The website directs viewers to South Puget Sound places to view native plants and animals, resources for keeping a nature journal and doing citizen science, field guides and websites to learn more about native plants and animals, advice on how to design a native plant garden for your backyard, school or neighborhood, and organizations doing wildlife habitat conservation work. I wanted to make educational artist books more accessible to the general public and educators.

Size: Each booklet is 5″ tall, 3.5″ wide and .25″ deep. When displayed, they are 5″ tall and 14″ wide.

Book Structure: Simplified Jacob’s Ladder Accordion Flexigon, similar to a magic wallet

Materials: Legal-size paper, prisma color pencils, ink, and computer to access the website.

Printing/Production Method: Ink jet or laser printed from the artists original drawings.

Edition: unlimited

Year Created: 2020

This project was made possible by a 2019-2020 TIAP Grant from the City of Tacoma Arts Commission. The website is hosted by The Evergreen State College.

Lucia Harrison is a visual artist and Faculty Emeriti at The Evergreen State College where she taught art/science interdisciplinary programs. She believes that combining visual art, science, and environmental education is a way to win hearts and minds for conservation. Her artwork draws attention to the natural and human history of South Puget Sound in Washington State.  Most recently she has focused on the connection between native plants and animals.  She makes paper and botanical contact prints, draws with ink and watercolor, and incorporates stitching into many of her projects.  She lives in Tacoma, Washington.

Lucia Harrison, Ph.D.: e-mail:; website:

The Pacific Northwest Native Plant Magic Book Website can be viewed at