The Cascade Mountain ranges in Washington and Oregon dominate the Pacific Northwest skyline with huge snow-capped peaks that house active stratovolcanos and the majority of remaining glaciers in the lower 48 states. It’s no wonder that the region’s scientists and artists are drawn to them.  Two of the projects, Connections—The Willow and the Mountain and Bound/Unbounded,  focus on the 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helens and the amazing opportunity this event offers scientists to study the impact on vegetation and soils as well as newly forming streams with amazing bio-diversity on the pumice plain.  A Tahoma Reliquary, challenges the notion that Mt. Rainier National Park is a “wilderness” devoid of human activity, by providing archeological evidence that Native American people have been traveling there for over 9,000 years. Timeline: A View from Washington Pass records a moment in time in the Eastern Cascade Mountains where fires, floods, and landslides, fueled by a warming climate, speed up erosion.

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