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Finding a Community: Week Six of Summer Research

Hello All! Hope you had a great 4th of July! Mine was filled with friends, fireworks, and good food. Looking back on the past week, a couple of things have stood out. One, getting to read non school related books … Continue reading

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Oh Nostalgia…

For the last week all I did was sit around my house, half heartedly writing internship applications and reading a couple books on Batman (I’ll probably have a post on that book collection come March, don’t fret), wishing that I was back at school—being back in the swing of the hubbub, always having something to do, enjoying life. But last night when I got off the shuttle and walked through the SUB towards my house, I was completely underwhelmed with a sense of separation. Suddenly I was nostalgic for the biting Minnesota winter that I had just left.

It’s easy to be overly nostalgic (on the verge of restlessness), especially around the idea of home.

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