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Oh Nostalgia…

For the last week all I did was sit around my house, half heartedly writing internship applications and reading a couple books on Batman (I’ll probably have a post on that book collection come March, don’t fret), wishing that I was back at school—being back in the swing of the hubbub, always having something to do, enjoying life. But last night when I got off the shuttle and walked through the SUB towards my house, I was completely underwhelmed with a sense of separation. Suddenly I was nostalgic for the biting Minnesota winter that I had just left.

It’s easy to be overly nostalgic (on the verge of restlessness), especially around the idea of home.

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(500-409) Days of Summer

School—at least a liberal arts school—is about knowledge and skill. But summer is almost the opposite. It’s the time when students are let loose into the real world and where they get experience rather than knowledge. Summer is about relaxation, sure, but it’s about expanding the parts of your mind that you don’t have the time or ability to during the school year.

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