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[My] Religious Life at Puget Sound

[As usual, I’ll add a preface to my blogpost: I believe we could do a better job as an institution at ‘marketing’ the reality of what our campus offers to its student body. This is not unusual for most colleges … Continue reading

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It’s beginning to look a lot like finals

It’s been a busy few months, and I wrote this bit before Thanksgiving. Phew! What a busy few weeks I’ve had! Halloween has come and gone, and now we’re coming up on Thanksgiving. The time has flown by! Last weekend I … Continue reading

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Rotations: the beginning and soon, the end

For those just tuning in, let’s backup. What’s a rotation? This is when first year graduate students “try” a lab by spending about a month in 3 to 4 different ones. You either have your own mini-project to complete or … Continue reading

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finals finals finals

December 5, 2011 Thanksgiving Break is always like the quick last minute breath you take before doing a cannonball into the pool. When we come back, it’s the final push until the end of the semester, so Thanksgiving is a … Continue reading

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Stick to what you know

What I know is animal sex, is fun to write about. Without letting this blog become a home for things I write that don’t get published where they were intended, here’s the second time I’ll do that. I wrote this … Continue reading

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Crunch Time

Well guys, we’re reaching the end of the semester. In approximately 1 final, 4 papers, and the final draft of my thesis, I’ll be graduating! I’m in crunch time now. So crunchy, in fact, that I’ve begun resorting to study … Continue reading

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