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Perks of Work

This week has been very interesting and unexpected at work. First, I had to cancel one of my projects because I simply didn’t have the time or capacity to complete it in two weeks. And instead of being upset, my … Continue reading

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Thank You Letters and asking for Recomendations

I am almost done with my internship at Intel. It is that time when I am starting to think about who the people are that have truly helped me along the way, the people I have interacted with, and the … Continue reading

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England trip!

Where to even begin? England was gorgeous, although rainy, and the time went by so fast. Aside from the research, I saw some fabulous medieval castles and churches, Virginia Woolf’s house, many historical sites that are somewhat of a blur, … Continue reading

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Networking and Drawing Connections

Hello again! I apologize for the delay. So where do I begin… near the end of July, the skies were beyond clear, something very uncharacteristic of Shanghai. Usually, the city is enveloped by a lingering fog that seems to trap … Continue reading

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Hack Hack Chop Chop!

In May I left Tacoma with one plan and that plan failed. The beginning of my summer was going to be filled with bicycles and international ferries to Alaska. Then my friend’s touring bike got stolen. [Note to all people … Continue reading

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Work, Vacation and Weddings

Whew, what a week! This week has been one of my busiest weeks trying to get all of my past three  projects worth of research summarized  in an hour long PowerPoint presentation for management. If you all remember my ten … Continue reading

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Coffee Dates Pt. IV – The End

Sorry for the really, really late blog post, but this is the last one I’ll do, so I wanted to make it comprehensive and conclusive. If you haven’t read about my personal challenge to get 75 coffee dates with new … Continue reading

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