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(500-409) Days of Summer

School—at least a liberal arts school—is about knowledge and skill. But summer is almost the opposite. It’s the time when students are let loose into the real world and where they get experience rather than knowledge. Summer is about relaxation, sure, but it’s about expanding the parts of your mind that you don’t have the time or ability to during the school year.

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Computer Science Internship: Part 2

I haven’t written in since I started my job a bit over a month ago and a lot has happened since then. For those who didn’t catch my last blog post, I’ll provide a quick recap: I am working at … Continue reading

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Making Connections and Asking Questions

So I have to admit, the work life, at least for me can get a little lonely. I’m mostly in my cublicle all day, except for when I take a walk during my lunch hour, or go to meetings.My last … Continue reading

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Who says corporate culture is cold?

So as promised this post is going to be about the fun stuff about working at Intel®, and by fun stuff I mean the corporate culture and climate. For you non-business majors corporate culture is basically the mission and values … Continue reading

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To England!

…and Norway and France! In 4 days I’ll be leaving for England for the more exciting part of my summer research. I’ll be there for 3 weeks, with one weekend in Norway and the next in France. My research will … Continue reading

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Entering the land of Chips, computer chips that is.

Hi everyone! Thanks for checking out my first post about what it’s like to intern at Intel®. Intel®, as you all probably know is a major computer chip manufacturer. This summer I get the chance to work as a marketing … Continue reading

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Okay, so there is a whole giant list of awesome experiences I had in Arizona.  Even though we were there to work, we did have some opportunities to explore and have fun too.  You’d think that, in the middle of … Continue reading

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Insight into China

Week three here in Shanghai, I can’t believe how fast time flies, the internship is going great! This week at Sodamedia, I have been conducting market research on the latest innovations/trends in digital marketing and advertisement. Paul, my mentor has … Continue reading

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Lessons in science and research.

Hello again!  My time in Arizona has finally come to an end – I just arrived back home in Vancouver yesterday evening.  I can’t accurately express how wonderful an experience it was: educational, amazing, life-changing, beautiful, stressful.  All at once. … Continue reading

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