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Sabah al-khayr

–Allahu Akbar–Om Mane Padme Hum-U.S.A!!!-The Navajo and the Wahabbi-Seminars- PLO-S.W.A.G-City Livin’- Salaam Aleikum y’all. It’s been a busy couple of weeks here, so busy I haven’t had the time to want to update this blog. So, so much has happened … Continue reading

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Research out of a backpack.

I LOVE MY RESEARCH!!! I keep on thinking that if I go on to do research after I graduate from UPS, it might take some time to get used to doing something a little less exciting as the research I’m … Continue reading

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Human Subjects…

What can I say? Human subjects are fantastic in that they provide information about the human body (obviously) that other animals cannot provide. Yes we can look at fruit flies and rats to suggest mechanisms for human development and diseases, … Continue reading

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Blame it (on the sulfide)

Darn that H2S, it makes twisted abominations of everything! After spending 17 days in the sulfide seep, the previously “clean” and bacteria free crabs look drastically different. Once a dark green with a smooth body (with the exception of already … Continue reading

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Getting Started!

This is my first post on this blog, and I am very excited to be a part of it. Because it is now July, you can imagine that I have done some work on my project! I started the preliminary … Continue reading

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Blues for Allah

Egyptian Techno Party-Highway to the Danger Zone-Right and Honourable-Workshops-A Visit from the Goonsquad Most of the site visits I’ve been on with the National Council have all been extremely professional, demure affairs. There has been, however, one notable exception: the … Continue reading

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