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Public Service Announcement: Moon snails are homewreckers

To the approximately 0.00014% of the population that owns a  tank capable of maintaining such creatures, I feel I should warn that the moon snail, or likely any large, predatory gastropod, is a monumental homewrecker. In the clean, crisp, 10-degrees-Celsius … Continue reading

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Is improvisation only appreciated by performers of the craft?

Performers meaning people “of the craft”… Certainly improvisation is especially appreciated by performers of their specific craft (I’m thinking jazz improv) but audience members (or listeners) get enjoyment out of it too… Caveat: Are people as resistant to watching dance improvisation as … Continue reading

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Breaking New Ground

A cool breeze rolls through my open window; a silent alarm clock. Unfortunately, Nature’s graceful alert mechanism lost the race of waking to a roaring engine, shouting voices, pounding hammers, and that remarkable safety feature indicative of large vehicles in … Continue reading

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Reporting from the San Juan Islands

Update on the sea star models: dough colors created from food color, flour, and lard are not matching the colors of real sea stars very well (particularly showing severely different reflectance in the UV, which birds can see), so I … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log Stardate 06.05.2010

Talking about poop: Another interesting side project that has formed as a byproduct of investigating gull eating behavior has been the investigation of gull after-eating products. Gulls commonly eat sea stars and other organisms that contain hard parts like skeletons … Continue reading

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The OTHER Washington!

Welcome to my blog! Here I will be sharing my experiences as an intern in Washington, DC, where I will be participating in a summer internship program with the National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations.  NCUSAR is a non-profit in DC … Continue reading

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Summer in T-Town

So I have survived my junior year. I have been home to recharge after finals aka sleep and eat my Mom’s good food. And I am back in my house in Tacoma. This must mean summer research is commencing. This … Continue reading

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