Finding a Community: Week Six of Summer Research

Hello All!

Hope you had a great 4th of July! Mine was filled with friends, fireworks, and good food.

Looking back on the past week, a couple of things have stood out. One, getting to read non school related books during the summer is great. And two, investing in the community is a great way to add to your summer research experience.

One of the opportunities summer research students have is the opportunity to participate in the annual Summer Research Book Club. So far, the book club has met once. The book we read was called, “Brilliant Blunders” by Mario Livio. Even though the reading was a little intensive, the discussion it brought about was very thought provoking. It made each one of us at the discussion realize that science isn’t always about getting the right answer. Sometimes, it’s the journey that get us to our destination that is valuable. Additionally, science doesn’t seem to have favorites. A lot of times, it seems that one person was meant to have an epiphany or have a wonderful discovery. But in reality, it’s a receptive person that won’t take “no” for an answer that usually finds something new.

An equally enriching experience is investing in the community. Many summer research students have already volunteered at the Guadalupe House (a house that provides free meals for those in need) and St. Leo’s (a parish that provides free meals for children at risk). There are also plenty of other places to get involved. To name a few, a person could volunteer to help clean up nature reserves, volunteer at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, or volunteer at a nearby hospital. There’s definitely something for everyone.

In addition, the rewards of volunteering are invaluable and priceless. Volunteering enables a person to see what life is like outside of campus, meet new people of all ages, and hear and swap interesting stories.

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