Week of Blogging: Post 7 of 7

 Hey everyone – if you’re just checking in, I’ve decided this week to post a blog a day in the spirit of capturing day-to-day life at Puget Sound. Check out my daily posts here – there will be one a day until at least next Sunday. Enjoy!

Well, it’s officially the last day of my week of blogging project. I succeeded, although I nearly missed Saturday – that was close. This post is going to probably be the shortest since I have a test tomorrow to study for, and since it’s the last it’s also the one that’s going to stay up for a week, so I thought I’d look back on my old posts here to supplement this short one:

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Once you’re done checking those out, here’s a bit about my weekend:

I spent part of the weekend writing a paper for my Modern Britain class, writing a program to simulate a type of computing machine for my programming languages class, and studying for the last math of computer science exam on languages and boolean algebras. I’ve been juggling a lot of different subjects lately, but I like it since I can switch to essay writing when I want a break from math problems and to math problems when I want a break from writing programs.

I also had my last Student Initiative Theatre board meeting and my first Association for Computing Machinery board meeting. I wrapped up my position as co-production manager for student theatre for the year and began my position as co-president of the Association for Computing Machinery (our computer science club which is also a branch of the national computer science organization, ACM).

I also went to Math/CS Day today, a day-long sequence of talks by graduating seniors on their capstone projects. I only went to part of it, but the presentations were great, and made me excited to plan my own capstone project.

That’s all for now – I should get back to studying some more math, then get to bed – I have to be up early to work with a writing class on their peer-review sessions for the Writing Center, then it’s go time for my exam.

It’s been a good week of blogging, too. I may just have to keep going, or pick this up again soon. I’ll keep you posted. Until next time!


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