Week of Blogging: Post 6 of 7


 Hey everyone – if you’re just checking in, I’ve decided this week to post a blog a day in the spirit of capturing day-to-day life at Puget Sound. Check out my daily posts here – there will be one a day until at least next Sunday. Enjoy!

Well, better late than never for my daily blog. I can’t say I have too much to report, but that’s possibly because I write in the midst of constructing a history paper. I spent most of this sunny Saturday in the library studying for last-day-of-class tests and papers, but I got some ample time in the sun, too, with friends. And now I’m regretting that I didn’t wear more sunscreen – Washintonians tend not to stock up on sunscreen and then a heat wave comes along.

All in all, it has been a fantastic if not busy week. I saw the last Senior Theatre Festival production last night and it was exceptional, I spent some time scoping out new study places with some other students in anticipation of finals, and I talked with a friend of mine about organizing an honors program end of the year event. Lots of great things are going on, and it’s strange to think that they’ll all be coming to a close soon (Wednesday is the last day of class, I can hardly believe!). But then it will be summer, and a lot of exciting things are coming up then.

I should probably get back to my history paper, so that’s all for now. Tomorrow is “Math/Computer Science Day,” where majors present their senior capstone projects or anything else they’ve worked on in a day of talks. There’s free lunch, too, which is always a plus! I’ll be sure to report on that tomorrow in my final blog of my week of blogging (although I’m starting to get so used to this I much I may just have to keep going). Until next time!

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