Thank You Letters and asking for Recomendations

I am almost done with my internship at Intel. It is that time when I am starting to think about who the people are that have truly helped me along the way, the people I have interacted with, and the people who have provided guidance along the way, these are the people for whom I have planned out my Thank You letters. I think that one of my biggest challenges at work was meeting and connecting with people. Although I did attempt to push myself in this respect I did not get a chance to make nearly as many contacts as I would have liked, I think that the next time I get an opportunity like this, from the begginning I will make it a goal to meet as many people as possible. 

In these next few weeks, while I send out an even larger survey, and do a last report I will also be writing out my Thank You notes, and asking my manager, and others for recommendations. I think that while it would be great to get recommendations from everyone, it is best to ask those people who could probably give you a very good reccomendation, and for me that is just one or two people who have really gotten a chance to know me these past two months. I am going to be asking for two types of reccomendations, Linked In recomendations and paper ones. As for my own thank-you’s I think I will handwrite cards for the people who I am in close contact with and email others who have helped me along the way. I recently submitted my intention to reapply next year, and I hope to leave a positive impression so that this is a likely possibility.

What I learned about myself from this internship, is that my favorite things to do were to present and to write for the blogs at Intel. While the research aspect was also interesting, it was not my favorite, I’d much rather be the one on the floor presenting the product, and figuring out what the problems are, designing surveys and analyzing results than reading paper after paper and looking for answers. In light of this realization I mid-way through my internship applied to write both this blog, and for an online magazine, my first article for the magazine came out this week, and I will be posting one article a month for the next four months. These entries will be more personal, and geared towards everyone who is finding their path in their 20s, my article is about learning to dress like an adult,  if you want to check out my article, you can click on the link

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