Perks of Work

This week has been very interesting and unexpected at work. First, I had to cancel one of my projects because I simply didn’t have the time or capacity to complete it in two weeks. And instead of being upset, my manager switched my project and gave me a budget to get someone else to do my work for me. Wait what? I’m an intern and I get to tell someone else what to do? I like that. So basically I got to hire another survey company to send out my original survey to a population of 500 people. This involved a very long and tiring process, but hey if it means I don’t have to go find 500 people I am all for it. First, I worked with a survey question designer who told me how to make my survey questions crystal clear, and unbiased, she even offered suggestions for more questions. Then, I worked with a survey company that specializes in surveying the youth, these people made all the edits to the questions that were asked by my team, which meant that instead of me going in and making like a 100 revisions to my questionaire, these guys did it for me! Yesterday, after much back and forth editing we finally sent my survey out, and within the first night we already have 183 responses! Next week on Monday I will have 500 people hopefully, and then I get to do some real work, and analyze all the data for my final project, which I will probably present on Friday, and then I will get on a plane and go back to school concluding my summer internship…gosh it all happened so fast!

Now, another perk I got this week was that by some miracle my blog on Intel’s blog hosting site was apparently one of the most read last week, and as a reward they are giving me free movie tickets. Again, I like this, and it is another indication that what I like the most about marketing is presenting, and blogging.

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