Entering the land of Chips, computer chips that is.

Hi everyone! Thanks for checking out my first post about what it’s like to intern at Intel®. Intel®, as you all probably know is a major computer chip manufacturer. This summer I get the chance to work as a marketing research intern at Intel’s® corporate office in the heart of Silicon Valley, Santa Clara, California. I’m not allowed to take any pictures of this place, but take my word for it the building are enormous, and lined with bright blue, just like the Intel® logo.

I work in the Robert Noyce Building, Robert Noyce is the founder, he founded Intel® in 1968. Personally, I think my building is the coolest one in the entire Santa Clara campus, because there is a museum inside of it. The museum has a section that replicates what being inside a chip labratory looks like.


Because I’m a marketing research intern I don’t really get to go inside the labs, so I made sure to check out this section of the museum during my orientation.

So now that you know where I work, let me tell you a little about what I’m doing here for the next ten weeks and show you my ten week plan.


Week 1: Set up meetings with persons in charge of Facebook, Twitter and Intel Blog groups. Research top movie production and distribution companies in the BRIC countries.  Begin and complete all online Employee training courses.

Week 2: Continue developing relations with person in charge of social media websites for the company and understand procedures for updating

Week 3:  Update Facebook with Intel Insiders latest news

Week 4:  Update Twitter

Week 5: Update Intel.com, Conduct Surveys for Market Research

Week 6:  Write on the Intel Blogs about what is going on with Intel Insider, Create a report on the research with BRIC countries.

Week 7: Conduct Focus Groups focusing on Intel Insider

Week  8: Conduct Focus Groups focusing on Intel Insider

Week 9: Conduct Focus Groups focusing on Intel Insider

Week 10:  Write on the latest with Intel Insider on Intel’s Blog and create Report about Focus Groups

As you can see I’m working on a product called Intel Insider™, it is basically a type of technology that allows people to watch high resolution, 1080p movies. If you want to learn more you can check out this site, which I helped update just today, by the way.


I think this post has been rather long winded, so I’m going to stop here and my next post is going to be about some of the fun benefits about working at Intel®.

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