Insight into China

Week three here in Shanghai, I can’t believe how fast time flies, the internship is going great! This week at Sodamedia, I have been conducting market research on the latest innovations/trends in digital marketing and advertisement. Paul, my mentor has provided me with a bunch of blogs to overlook. PSFK is a great site that covers everything from digital, advertisement, and creative ideas from around the world! Some of the products and ideas are unreal! I also read posts on Jing Daily to familiarize myself with the latest trends in China and how the luxury market is performing there. Paul says it is extremely important to stay current with the lastest news to broaden your knowledge of this ever changing industry we call digital marketing.  I am working on doing weekly blog posts for Sodamedia’s site on the latest trends, so I will provide the link in my next post!

Drunken Chicken, Fried Fish w/Soy Sauce, Lotus Root with Sticky Rice, Minced Veggie Dish

Over the weekend, I had lunch with a friend of a friend of my dad’s (that was a long connection), Lillian, who grew up in Shanghai and currently works at JP Morgan. She treated me to some authentic Shanghainese cuisine and overall, the dishes were delicious! I especially enjoyed the crab entrees as well as the drunken chicken soaked in a sake like base. By the end of the lunch, I was stuffed! We then journeyed via cab to Fudan University. Lillian says Fudan is one of the best/most notorious universities in Shanghai, so it was refreshing and interesting to walk around the university. It’s a complete contrast to the landscape of UPS, but it was beautiful in a different sense. Students flocked the basketball courts playing under incredibly humid conditions! One of the newer buildings on the campus resembled a Skyscraper!  It was crazy to think this was just a normal building a part of campus!

Fudan University Building

Crab meat with Bok Choy

I also visited East Nanjing Road and toured the Bund area (which was truly amazing!) Waited till the sun had set and viewed the illuminated Pudong Skyline and the French inspired buildings on the Bund. This area is definitely a must see in Shanghai!

A funny trend has been persisting since my arrival here in Shanghai, all of the locals automatically talk to me in Chinese. Unfortunately, I have only studied Japanese in high school (thinking it is a priority to learn the language of my culture). Therefore, I have no idea what they are saying! :/ The fun variable to consider are the times I explore the city with Chris, who is from Colorado and looks very American. This is usually how an interaction will play out. The cashier/waitress will direct the comment towards me in Chinese. I will look at them with confusion. Chris will then interject, speaking in Chinese, trying to explain to them I don’t know the language. Then the cashier/waitress will continue to talk to me in Chinese, thinking I still understand. Though this situation can be hard at times, at the moment all I can do is laugh and make the best out of it. I have been slowly learning some words, but my progress is slow…But this has provided me even more motivation to learn this complex, yet very useful language called Chinese. ~Shelby

Pudong Skyline

The Bund

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