Halfway there

The semester is already halfway done! It feels like it’s gone by so quickly, yet slowly at the same time. It seems weird that Halloween is on Monday, and it also feels strange because I feel the urge to listen to Christmas music in October.

It’s also almost time to register for classes for next  semester. I’m thinking Oceanography, Asia Pop! (about pop culture and music in Asia), First Aid and CPR (because it’s good to know), Bowling (I have been waiting years to take this), possibly Psychology (if only to have a class in the and the big T word. Thesis. I think next semester I’m going to need to move my inspirational poster to a more visible place in my room, though I really should have it right above my desk already instead of on the back of my door.

But, as for this semester, I was thrilled when I got to draw blood from crayfish in animal physiology lab a few weeks ago. I’ve also come to the conclusion that crayfish are really quite cute. Now, though, we are beginning our independent projects for animal phys, meaning a project that we work on with a partner that we come up with and conduct ourselves. It’s pretty awesome that we get to do that.

I also went to my second ever Sounders game this past month. It was exciting even though we lost. The garlic fries were amazing.

Remember how my last post was about how the rainy season has started? Not so much. The weather has made a liar of me. Although there were some rainy days, most days have been sunny or overcast but dry. Granted, it’s still cold enough for me to complain about my body not being able to handle it because I’m from Hawaii,  but not too rainy. However, on one of the particularly rainy days I saw this massive puddle on campus and had to fight my inner five year old not to jump in it. I managed to refrain from jumping in that puddle, but I will not deny stomping harder than necessary in other, smaller puddles on my way to class.

But that’s what rain boots are for, right?

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